Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What features are offered on Emprovise?

We have a diverse assortment of stock market data products. Company financial reports (10Q and 10K) are available, and these are available from 2008 to the present. We also have realtime ticker data for well over a year. You can learn more by viewing our products.

Q: What is realtime ticker data?

Ticker data is measured regularly from stock market tickers. At Emprovise, we collect data every 20 seconds for over 700 companies throughout the trading day. This includes trade price, bid size/price, ask size/price, the exchange filling the trade, and much more. You can see sample data on our home page.

Q: How can I create custom user files?

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Accounts and Subscription

Q: Do I have to enter my credit card to sign up?

No. A credit card is not required to sign up or try the application. After 10 days, a subscription is required to use the application. At this point you must add a payment method if you wish to continue.

Q: What is included with a subscription?

A subscription grants you full access to the applications' services and features. You can save reports, create watchlists, use our sessions, and much more. You will also have access to new features and the ability to request new features.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. You will still have access to the application for the remainder of your current period, and then you will not be able to use the application until your subscription is renewed.

Using the API

Q: How to get started with using the API?

Using the API is easy, you can generate tokens at any time in your account settings. Then these tokens can be used to make requests to our API using a CURL client.

Q: What can I do with the API?

You can do nearly everything with the API that you can do with the web app. Look up companies, view details on their financial reports, and stay up to date on their ticker price.

Q: Does it cost extra to use the API?

No! API access is included with your subscription. We created this application to give developers access to high-quality stock market data. You are encouraged to use the API and provide feedback!

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